Change Is Not That Easy

Recently our favourite restaurant closed after many years and it was very hard on us. When celebrating a special occasion, tired after a busy day, wanting “comfort food” or meeting family members we would go to Wongs Chinese Restaurant. We had watched the Wong children grow up, get married and have their own children and … Continue reading Change Is Not That Easy

Senior Downsizing Help

Easy Entertaining Ideas for Seniors

Loneliness is a major problem for seniors so it’s important to have some regular activities and entertaining in your new home, condo, room or suite in a retirement residence is a great way to combat that. What could this entail for you? Do you love serving gourmet meals? Choose an alternative that accommodates your passion … Continue reading Easy Entertaining Ideas for Seniors

Aging in Place – Optional Renovations for a Senior-Friendly Home

Most people want to “Age in Place” as long as possible (90% according to AARP).  This involves growing older in your own home or in another residence that is more adaptable to future needs. When homes are “senior friendly” and enough services are put in place, seniors can often stay in their own residences. If … Continue reading Aging in Place – Optional Renovations for a Senior-Friendly Home