Seniors Aging In Place

More and more Seniors want to STAY IN THEIR HOMES and we can help.

Organizing , sorting, help with decision making, moving things around  to make a home safer.


What we Do

Do you need carpet removed?

Unload, move and reload china cabinets when necessary.
Have you wanted to send those good dishes to a grandchild? Let us help facilitate it.
Do you need a garage or basement organized or emptied? Help is available.

Are you still storing items from a parent’s home and you have never opened the boxes? (We often see this) We can help.
Do you need some old appliances removed?
Do you want the interior of your cupboards washed? 
Do you have papers that need sorting and shredding?
Do you want to paint and need furniture moved around?

We are here for all of this and more.

Senior Moves has given many well received presentations on Aging in Place. In 2020 we entered our 5th year of working with seniors and their families that want to be able to continue living in their own homes. We reduce stress during the process and OUR GOAL IS ALWAYS To Keep you Safe and with peace of mind in your home. 

If you don’t see what you need here to be able to stay in your home, Contact Us, we’re sure we can help you with what ever you need to continue to be safe and enjoy your home.

What we Do

Do you need to have your home safer for a loved one to come home to after a hospital stay?

Are there modifications necessary for a safer bathroom.

Do you need a room on the main floor of your home converted to a bedroom?

Let us help.

What You Do

Do You need some kitchen renovations – we can pack up the kitchen so the renovations can happen then unpack them and help organize the kitchen after.
Many seniors have so much furniture that it is a safety issue. We can move furniture around , put some in the basement or storage or remove it to make it SAFER.
The team is great at making a kitchen more senior friendly by making things that are used more accessible.
Is that bedroom cupboard stuffed? A team member can work with you to sort your clothes
I just found a canned good that said used by 2016.  Lets check the food, makeup, toiletries, prescriptions to make sure they are not out dated.
Do you want a TV room, a craft room and office, a spare room?? We can help make it happen.


Let’s make your home the best it can be for your current lifestyle.