A Difficult Conversation With Seniors

Often when a family member is unable to return home after a hospital stay because they need to go to a retirement residence or nursing home the family really doesn’t know what to say or do. The parent usually states very firmly that they WANT to go home, they are able to go home, a … Continue reading A Difficult Conversation With Seniors

Moving Decisions are Emotional

When seniors decide to sell their homes and move they often go through a roller coaster of emotions feeling they have made A WRONG DECISION...A BIG MISTAKE. This is when you need to gently, respectfully but firmly remind them of the reasons that brought them to the decision to move. Some things that could have … Continue reading Moving Decisions are Emotional

Loosing Control is Hard

When seniors HAVE to move it is usually because they are loosing control in areas of their life: health; driving; marriage; finances; memory; sight; mobility.... THEY WANT TO BE IN CONTROL and feeling they have lost control is not a dignified place to be. Adult children "know" their parent needs to move and often tell … Continue reading Loosing Control is Hard