Home Sale Preparation

We have worked with over 160 real estate agents in the Ottawa area and over 80% of our referrals come from realtors. Those professionals know that carefully presenting a home for sale both increases the value of the property and helps it to sell more quickly.

Judy often says “We work for your realtor but you write the cheque.”

Your realtor knows the market and how to best sell your home.

Even if your home is dated it should show decluttered and look as clean as possible. Senior Moves is frequently called to help with decluttering and cleaning. We also take loads to charity and landfill and pull out older carpeting and even stair lifts so the potential of your home is evident.

Remember your home should give that “looked after” experience to a potential buyer. Call Senior Moves and we will work with you and your realtor to get your home sold.

Remember that pictures ARE very important and we work with seniors to help get their homes “picture ready.” Often they are very hesitant to begin the stressful process but usually they get on board and can often have helpful suggestions.