Help For Seniors Downsizing Ottawa

Moving Services

Our moving services revolve around your needs in balance with your capacity to participate in any of the activities relating to preparing, planning and executing the transition of a senior to their new home. We take special care to include input from our clients and any chosen, caring,  family and friends and combine that with the knowledge and experience we have gained over 2,600 moves.  Below are some examples of the activities involved in a home transition/downsizing endeavor.

Home Transition Preparation

  •  Consult with senior (and family) to review their needs and wants for their anticipated new move;
  •  Create a realistic plan for the transition that considers the extent to which the senior and/or their family and friends can participate, as well as the tasks that need to be addressed by Senior Moves or other service providers such as electricians, appraisers, real estate agents, storage facilities, movers, special equipment installers etc.;
  •  Shop for needed items (tv, microwave, fridge, linens, shelving…)

Move Planning

  •  Review new residence floor plan;
  •  Sort and decide on items to be moved, donated, stored, delivered to friends and family or disposed of;
  •  Arrange for professional moving services;
  •  Arrange for service elevators or any special arrangements with residence;
  •  Identify specialty items such as piano’s pool tables, grandfather clocks, medical equipment, lighting fixtures, drapery rods that may require specialized removal and installation;
  •  Book respite room if needed;
  •  Book meals for family at retirement residence if needed;
  •  Book transportation to new home;
  •  Obtain approval, codes and keys to access residences, external storage, garages etc.

During the Move

  •  Provide professional packing staff to pack all identified items safely and securely for the move;
  •  Supply all required packing materials such as boxes, paper,  mattress bags and wardrobes for clothing;
  •  Unhook and set up basic computer system, TV, cable or other electronics;
  •  Put felt pads on furniture bases to protect hardwood floors;
  •  Assemble boxed furniture such as desks, book shelves….
  •  Dismantle and reassemble furniture to be moved safely (desks, book shelves);
  •  Oversee movers and ensure all identified items are moved;
  •  Unpack all containers that were packed by Senior Moves and carefully put away all belongings, set up the kitchen and bathroom, make bed(s). We cannot be responsible for damage to any items not packed by Senior Moves.

Post Moving Day Activities

  • Put up pictures and wall hangings;
  • Arrange for the possible sale of particular items of value;
  •  Remove and distribute remaining items;
  •  Co-ordinate, schedule and oversee the safe and convenient removal of items to be picked up by family and friends;
  •  Arrange for items to be packaged and safely delivered locally and world-wide;
  •  Arrange for storage facility and pack and deliver items to storage;
  •  Arrange for the donation of useable items to local charities;
  •  Dispose of broken items;
  •  Clear out the home and prepare it to be listed for sale.