Moving Services

Moving Services
Each move is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.
Senior Moves offers two types of consulting. The first is a free consultation to see what services you need and give you an idea of the cost.
The second consulting service has an hourly fee. At times seniors or their families feel they can arrange for or do the physical work but need guidance on what to bring, what to store or sell, appraisals, movers to call, charities, estate sales, online auctions. If needed we can also do a floor plan for the new residence.
Sorting “to move” is identifying the items that will help make the new residence home.
We highly recommend at least one three hour session of “sorting”. Often people book several sessions as it is so helpful. There is usually at least one area that is of concern to a senior or their family members. It could be the basement, a kitchen or a bedroom. The Senior Moves team is well prepared to help with this. It gives continuity and helps build a level of trust before the actual move.
Consider buying a Gift Certificate for this service.
Handling with all the Logistics
Janet Gillen (613) 832-0053 is excellent at arranging the people and services that are needed to make your move as stress free and efficient as possible.
We supply and remove all packing materials. Items are carefully packed and containers or boxes are well labelled for the unpacking process. It is much easier to pack when the “downsizing” decisions have been made before packing day so consider a session or more of sorting.

Moving Day
A Senior Moves team member will do last minute packing, meet and supervise the movers, help with the placement of furniture and see that the items we have packed are unpacked. We even make up the bed!
Selling Items
Here are some suggestions depending on location and what is salable: content/estate sale, consignment, auctioneer, on-line auction.
Donating Items
It is getting more challenging to donate items. However Senior Moves knows the charities that can use items. Some charities will pick up furniture but most don’t. Very few give tax receipts.
Storing Items
Short term storage can be a wise decision when staging a home or waiting for out of town family members to pick up their “treasures.” This is something we frequently help with.
Shipping Items
Senior Moves has used many ways to ship items. We have worked with long distance movers, shippers, delivery services, and even the post office.
Moving To Be Near Family
Over 20 years ago senior Moves moved one client a year to be near family. This year we have worked with up to four clients at the same time to facilitate moves to other cities or countries.
Working With Younger Clients
Often people are busy. We have even worked with 40 year old’s who needed our services including dismantling and setting up gym equipment and even hot tubs!
Moving to the Ottawa Area From Another Location
Often we are asked to meet a moving truck to help unpack and set up a new residence.
Other Services we can make arrangement for:
Household cleaning, senior transportation, pet transportation, installation of medical devices, professional art installation…