Buy A Gift Card

Give The Gift Of Help For Seniors That Live In The Ottawa Area
It’s not always easy for a senior to ask for help.  When you buy your loved one a gift card from Senior Moves, they don’t have to ask family or friends. Plus, they will not want to let the money you spent on this caring gift go unused.
Most seniors have trouble letting go of things they have and organizing their space. Let’s help your parent or loved one, it’s what we do best.
This Gift Card includes:
3 hours of sorting or organizing with a caring staff person.
You can easily purchase your gift card using e-transfer, Visa, Master Card and can be ordered by calling Senior Moves at (613) 832-0053
The gift card does not expire until Dec. 31, 2020
Even if your parent(s) plan to stay in their home, condo or apt., often there are areas that need a little TLC such as a basement, garage, clothes, spare room or kitchen.
Note: This does not include the cost for removal but we could arrange that if required.