How To Create A Senior Friendly Bathroom

Seniors Aging In Place:

If you are having renovations done try to do them so they don’t distract from the resale value of your home. There are many renovations that can add to the value of a home but some do distract.. Although you plan to live there “forever” sometimes it is necessary to sell a home relatively quickly. 

Most bathrooms in older homes need to be adapted to meet the special needs of seniors. Many washroom doors are too narrow to accommodate a walker or wheelchair. Also if a bathroom is small, a fall against the door could block rescuers. A pocket door that slides into the wall is a good preventative measure. Several clients we have worked with have removed the door and installed a “privacy curtain” to be used if needed. They didn’t want to spend money but did need the extra safety.

You can spend thousands of dollars on a renovation or there are things that can be done inexpensively. 

Some things to consider:

Make sure there is no clutter on the floor.

Remove any scatter mats.

Make sure your floor surface is senior-friendly and easy to maintain.

Install a shower or walk in tub.

Install strategically placed grab bars.  (Some amazing new ones are available)

If needed, install a new “raised” toilet.(We now have one and love it) 

Put a heat regulator on your shower.

Install arthritic friendly handles on your taps.

Look at accessible drawers or an accessible cupboard. (We seniors often have difficulty getting items off a low shelf.) 

Make sure you have proper lighting.

Decora light switches are easier to use.

Consider a phone, intercom or emergency button to use if help is ever needed.

If you need more advice to have your home be more safe and convenient for you as a senior or someone you care about, Contact Us and we’d be happy to have a chat with you.

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