Seniors Keeping Their Independence

Aging in Place  -  Considerations to Help Keep Your Independence Although there are things you can do to give yourself and your family members some peace of mind, as you continue to remain in your home, loneliness and depression are things only you can take steps to minimize. Some planned activities can help with this. … Continue reading Seniors Keeping Their Independence

What is your “Backup Plan”?

One day recently I visited with three clients that were in the hospital and were unable to return home! (A woman younger than me, a man the same age as our son and an elderly gentleman.) All of them were overwhelmed and had no idea what to do. Frequently we work with people who suddenly … Continue reading What is your “Backup Plan”?

Smart Home Solutions For Seniors

Aging in Place with Artificial Intelligence

Taking care of elderly parents sometimes means being in the know about serious health conditions, putting in home video security. There are so many options available now to help seniors stay in their homes longer than ever before. Is it right for you or your loved one? Research is the key to find out how … Continue reading Aging in Place with Artificial Intelligence