Moving Decision Help

Often we meet with people who really don’t know what to do. One moment they want to move and the next moment they want to stay in their home. They are like a hamster on a squeaky wheel going round and round in the middle of the night. They can’t sleep! They feel they should move but emotionally they really want to stay in their home.

As a retired teacher I often give them homework.

I take a blank sheet of paper and divide it into four sections. I label them.





I then listen to them and begin to fill in the different areas. A lady recently said, “I like being around my possessions.” this went under POSITIVE TO STAY.  “I really like working in my garden and would miss it.” (Positive to stay)  “I don’t know if I will fit in.” (negative to move)  “I would give my children peace of mind.” (positive to move)  “How will I ever get my house ready for sale?” (negative to move)  “I’m having difficulty looking after the house.” (positive to move)  ….

I then suggest that they take a week or longer and add to the lists as they think of things. One list usually grows longer than the others and helps them to decide what to do.

It really is much easier to put things on paper and actually be able to see the lists than keep thinking about them.

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