Loosing Control is Hard

helping seniorsWhen seniors HAVE to move it is usually because they are loosing control in areas of their life: health; driving; marriage; finances; memory; sight; mobility….

THEY WANT TO BE IN CONTROL and feeling they have lost control is not a dignified place to be. Adult children “know” their parent needs to move and often tell them they HAVE to move and the battle begins.

Instead consider involving them in the decision making process.

So how do you do it? Each person and each family situation is different.

Some people will listen to the doctor and do what the doctor says. This way the doctor gets the blame and not you. We have seen many parents BLAMING their children for a move they did not want to make YEARS after the move. We have seen the child wither as the parent says, “It’s all your fault for making me so unhappy and moving me here” even though they are content and actually enjoying their life.

For some you can look at finances and show them that they really don’t have the money to stay in their home but if they sold their home they could move to a better quality of life with the support system they needed and even have some money to do things they might want to do. Volunteer to go and look at some places in the area with them.

At times seniors  WILL NOT  acknowledge they need specialized help and should move but they WILL MOVE FOR YOU especially if you live out of town, are worried about them and would have peace of mind knowing they are being looked after. I have asked seniors if they know what GIFT they are giving a daughter or son as we are moving them and they know it is PEACE OF MIND.

Involve your parent in the decision making process and it will be easier for everyone.



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