Senior Downsizing Help

Easy Entertaining Ideas for Seniors

Loneliness is a major problem for seniors so it’s important to have some regular activities and entertaining in your new home, condo, room or suite in a retirement residence is a great way to combat that. What could this entail for you? Do you love serving gourmet meals? Choose an alternative that accommodates your passion … Continue reading Easy Entertaining Ideas for Seniors

When is it time to replace my car

Should You Keep Or Replace Your Vehicle

We have two vehicles which have served us very well and both have nearly 200,000 miles on them and still rust-free! . We have maintained them and have had no major expenses with either of them. One is an SUV and the other is a fun car, a convertible. The convertible is very comfortable and … Continue reading Should You Keep Or Replace Your Vehicle

Home Storage Solutions

Quite a few of us at one time or another find we just need a bit more space for now. You know you may need Short term storage when:  When staging a home it is often advisable to remove excess furniture. A storage locker is an option many people use. When someone is moving to … Continue reading Home Storage Solutions

Consider This For The Well Being Of A Senior

Sometimes we see an elderly parent or loved one failing. They don't seem to be coping, feel despondent, aren't eating, want to sleep a lot. Recently to fight an infection my doctor gave me a prescription. Instead of feeling better - I felt worse -MUCH WORSE. I felt that my body must be really fighting … Continue reading Consider This For The Well Being Of A Senior