Decisions Can be Exhausting

When people are considering a move there is a roller coaster of emotions.    Should I move?  Should I stay?.... Is it a good decision or possibly a bad one?....Am I Making a mistake? What if....I don't fit in?... People don't like me?...I arrange for a new place and don't sell my home?...I run out … Continue reading Decisions Can be Exhausting

Downsizing To A Condo

People are leaving their homes and moving to condominiums. Some have a need to have all living space on one floor while others are downsizing financially to "free up cash" to do the things they want. Many are tired of the upkeep and want more time to do the things that matter to them. The … Continue reading Downsizing To A Condo

They’ll Carry Me Out In A Box!!!

In the last 19 years we have heard this many times.THEY WILL CARRY ME OUT IN A BOX. You CAN NOT make someone do something they are determined not to do. I usually suggest that the issue be acknowledged: "I know you want to stay in your home and I hope you can. Unfortunately sometimes … Continue reading They’ll Carry Me Out In A Box!!!

Moving Decisions are Emotional

When seniors decide to sell their homes and move they often go through a roller coaster of emotions feeling they have made A WRONG DECISION...A BIG MISTAKE. This is when you need to gently, respectfully but firmly remind them of the reasons that brought them to the decision to move. Some things that could have … Continue reading Moving Decisions are Emotional