Senior Downsizing Help

Easy Entertaining Ideas for Seniors

Loneliness is a major problem for seniors so it’s important to have some regular activities and entertaining in your new home, condo, room or suite in a retirement residence is a great way to combat that. What could this entail for you? Do you love serving gourmet meals? Choose an alternative that accommodates your passion … Continue reading Easy Entertaining Ideas for Seniors

Paying Too Much For Condo Parking

You Don’t Want A Parking Spot???

A large developer in a major city was building a high end condo and suddenly needed to call in architects to make some adjustments to the design of the building. Several young people were interested in buying units but they did not want to pay the extra thousands of dollars for a parking place in … Continue reading You Don’t Want A Parking Spot???

What you need to leave in your home when it sells

What You May Leave Behind When Your Home Sells

When you are selling a home it is handy to have a list of items that are to remain in the home so that no mistakes are made.  A lady we worked with gave her brand new fridge to a “friend”. Later we found out that she had dementia and had met the person at … Continue reading What You May Leave Behind When Your Home Sells

You Can’t Make Him.

I have been working with a family for about a year. They are very concerned about a parent who has had several strokes. They strongly feel he should move to a retirement home right NOW. Dad has had his driver's license suspended and is very dependent on others for drives to appointments and transportation to … Continue reading You Can’t Make Him.