Why should I choose Senior Moves?

Owned and operated by Doug and Judy Robinson, Senior Moves is a pioneer in the field of Senior Move Management in North America and has assisted over 3,000 people who were relocating since 1996.  Bonded and insured, Senior Moves is known for its experience, knowledge, tact and sensitivity to make every move as stress free as possible.  In February 2014 Doug and Judy Robinson were recognized for their service excellence and experience moving seniors,with the Circle of Service Award from NASMM (The National Association of Senior Move Managers.)

The Senior Moves team has worked in, and are familiar with, all the residences, long term care facilities and most condo and apartment buildings in Ottawa. They have even published a book which is a treasure of information about the entire process of downsizing,  “The Best of the Rest – Downsizing for Boomers and Seniors” They also have 8 e-books on Downsizing available on Amazon.

My parents are moving from the Ottawa area to another city. Can you help?

Senior Moves services Ottawa and the region of eastern Ontario and depending upon distance, time of year and availability, we do go further afield.   We frequently move seniors out of Ottawa to be near their families and get them organized, packed and on their way. We often help to completely clear the residence and prepare homes for sale as well as arrange for shipping and storage. We belong to the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and often work with trusted members in other cities who may be able to help with the unpack and set up in the new home.

My parents really don’t want to move. Can you help?

Most seniors do not want to leave the comfort of their own home and move to the “unfamiliar.” We are constantly working in theses situations and often family members find it very helpful to have an external unbiased person provide objective information and perspective during these emotional times of transition.  It’s also very important when the senior is experiencing memory loss or dementia.

How much do your services cost?

First we investigate what your needs are and what services you require of Senior Moves versus what aspects of the transition can be dealt with by the senior or their family and caregivers.  We then create a plan based upon your needs and provide you with a quote based upon your unique needs and capabilities.  Whether it’s a few hours of Consulting from Judy Robinson or a full scale move from start to finish involving sorting, downsizing, moving, residence clear out and/or staging the home for sale, each move is unique and we look at many things before we provide you with our detailed estimate.  Examples of things that can increase the amount of time to complete a moving engagement and result in added cost are:

  • the amount of belongings that are being packed, moved, unpacked and put away such as  jam-packed curio cabinets, hundreds of books or many fragile items.
  • to what extent the decisions have been made regarding what will be moved
  • whether railings and doors have to be removed and reinstalled
  • the amount of disassembly and re-assembly required for beds, furniture, shelving, and electronic equipment
  • multiple people giving different or sometimes conflicting instructions
  • the ease of the move out and the move in which can be affected by how close the moving truck is able to park, the size and accessibility of an elevator (if there is one) and whether or not the keys for the residences are available.


Can you do a drop off to a family member, storage locker or charity?

Absolutely, if that’s what you need done, we will co-ordinate all aspects of drop offs to family as well as obtain and co-ordinate storage services.  Depending upon the scope of other delivery requirements, we prefer to focus fully on the move during the actual move day it to make the senior’s day as stress free and efficient as possible.

After I moved, what happens to all the items left over that family and friends do not want, but are still in good shape?

Any useful, usable items are donated to organizations who work with those in need. We have donated clothes, games, kitchenware, furniture and appliances, books, medical supplies and equipment, art supplies, sewing supplies to over 60 local charities and people-serving groups in the Ottawa area and beyond.   We first ask if you have any favoured charities, then rely on our well established network of organizations.  A sampling of organizations we make donations to include:  Friends of the Ottawa Library, Carleton and Ottawa Universities,  the Skating Museum, Red Pine Camp, The Well, The Mission, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, the Food Bank, The Ottawa Furniture Bank,Value Village, Senior Support Groups,  Habitat for Humanity, C.F., Diabetes Association, the Animal Shelter, Bibles for Missions, Habitat for Humanity, many churches ( for fund raising), women’s shelters, long term care facilities, the Ottawa School of Art, Museums, Schools, Libraries, Community Shops, Abbotsford House, Ottawa Little Theater, Kanata Theater, the Maycourt…

Can you install safety equipment, a chandelier or curtain rods?

We make arrangements to have qualified professionals both dismantle and install specialized equipment of all types.

Do you sign a contract?

Yes, we provide you with a proposal describing the services to be performed and an estimated price.


“The Best of the Rest Downsizing for Boomers and Seniors”  by Doug and Judy Robinson is a resource book for Seniors, Boomers and their Families who are looking at lifestyle changes. For the reader there are thought provoking questions and a wealth of information to lead to an informed decision. It is available through book stores, libraries, Amazon It is also available as an e-book. Other e-books include “Aging in Place”, “Inter-generational Living”, “Selling Your Home” and even buying a boat or recreational home. 

The Boomer Burden by Julie Hall  gives practical, effective steps for liquidating and distributing your parent’s assets in a way that both honors them and promotes family harmony for generations to come.

How to say it to Seniors by David Solie  explodes the myth of diminished capacity in our elders and offers a new way to interpret (their) behaviors. It also illuminates the enormity of the psychological journey the elderly face and how we can help them understand it.

How to talk to a Senior About their Changing Needs and Retirement Residences by Marie-Claude Giguere

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