You Can’t Make Him.

I have been working with a family for about a year. They are very concerned about a parent who has had several strokes. They strongly feel he should move to a retirement home right NOW. Dad has had his driver's license suspended and is very dependent on others for drives to appointments and transportation to … Continue reading You Can’t Make Him.

Five Steps to an Easier Senior Move

  1. Within reason, bring what is important to them. If they want to bring something instead of saying "NO" ask them why they want to bring it. One man wanted to bring his sofa to one room in a retirement residence. On listening we discovered that he had slept on it for three years. We … Continue reading Five Steps to an Easier Senior Move

Downsizing – It’s about what do I do with my stuff?

Senior Moves has helped nearly 3000 people with the downsizing process. Most of them knew they needed to move and didn't want to. They liked living in their familiar situations and DID NOT WANT ANY CHANGE. Unfortunately their situations had changed and they were overwhelmed! They didn`t know where to start. We have discovered their … Continue reading Downsizing – It’s about what do I do with my stuff?

Steps for downsizing

The Five Steps of Downsizing

Moving from a house to an apartment, condo, or one or two rooms in a retirement residence is not easy. The decisions of what to keep and what to do with the rest are both emotional and exhausting. Here are five steps that can help. Step 1 - What to keep In our opinion the … Continue reading The Five Steps of Downsizing