Isn’t It About Time?

Help for Seniors To Downsize OttawaI am thrilled! We have been in business 20 years and helped over 3000 people and I always like to tour the new residences in the area. We have moved people that pay $3000, $6000 and over $10,000 a month to live in a retirement residence.

Many people I know and talk with say, “What can I do?”  “I can’t afford that.”

This week I toured a brand new facility that advertises AFFORDABLE RETIREMENT LIVING. I was expecting a drab, mediocre facility. Can you imagine my utter surprise and delight to walk into a bright, open, friendly building? I looked at the sitting areas throughout the building, the dining room, the movie and exercise rooms, the laundry area and underground parking garage.

I was then given a tour of several suites and was pleased with the choice of flooring, the walk in showers, the grab bars that really are functionable, the blinds that have been installed on each window, the call buttons and pendants which work throughout the building. Coffee and snacks are available 24 hours a day.

I then asked by guide how they could provide so much so reasonably. She told me there are some services they do not provide. They do not have a secure floor or an activity bus.

When I met my husband I said, “you know what? I could live in one room in that building.” They do have suites available too.

Contact Janet at info@seniormoves to find out where it is.

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