Consider This For The Well Being Of A Senior

how to know when a senior needs more careSometimes we see an elderly parent or loved one failing. They don’t seem to be coping, feel despondent, aren’t eating, want to sleep a lot.
Recently to fight an infection my doctor gave me a prescription. Instead of feeling better – I felt worse -MUCH WORSE. I felt that my body must be really fighting this infection. I had unusual headaches, upset stomach, gas, chills, sore muscles, dizziness…I didn’t want to eat anything and wanted to go to bed and pull the blankets up over my head. After struggling for 6 days I went on line and looked up possible side effects for the drug. Few people got side effects but I HAD ALL OF THEM!

Make a list of all medications your loved one is taking. Include over the counter drugs and health store remedies . Check each one out online then talk to a pharmacist to see if any of their medications can be reacting with other things they are taking.

A change in their life could be as simple as carefully checking this out. At least it is a first step in discerning  what could or could not be happening.

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