What do I do with my “stuff”?

Many seniors are more concerned with what will happen with their “stuff” than the actual move. At times it is wise to pay for an appraiser to go through the house to see if there are any items of value. Have them look at art, sterling silver, good quality jewelry, antique watches, autographed items, old toys, vintage clothing, first edition books, sports cards.

Seniors remember working hard to purchase furniture, china, crystal, electronics, a large dining room set… They forget that they have enjoyed the items for 30, 40, or even 50 years and that most of the items now have limited value. 50,60,70,80, and 90 year olds are downsizing and the market is saturated. The younger generation  does not want glasses that have LEAD in them even if they cost $95 each. They don’t want dishes that can’t go in the microwave or dishwasher. Most people no longer have large formal dining rooms but large kitchens and great rooms with islands and bar stools. The electronics are dated and need e-cycling  and the dresser or washstand that might have sold for hundreds of dollars might bring $125 or less. Few people want the huge 9 drawer ladies dresses and even the charities do refuse to take them at times.

So What do you do?  You can try selling online or through a content sale. To send the items to auction or a consignment store involves the cost of a mover. Look at it realistically. After you pay for the moving charges and the commissions will you still make some money?

Are there people who can’t afford to buy the things but really need them and will appreciate and treasure them? Can the charity pick the items up for free and give a tax receipt?

BUT MY MOTHER WANTS TO SELL EVERYTHING. WHAT DO I DO?  To appease your mom you may have to look at a content sale, or an auction. You can then say we tried to sell everything and many people had an opportunity to buy so what you got unfortunately was fair market value.


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